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Michael Wallent (born Michael Wallent, transitioned to Megan Wallent in 2008, and transitioned back to Michael Wallent in 2013) is an executive at Microsoft.

Career at Microsoft[edit]

Wallent joined Microsoft on August 11, 1996.[1] He subsequently worked on DHTML and Internet Explorer versions 4 through 6, serving as general manager for versions 5.5 and 6.[2] Wallent then became general manager of the Windows Client Platform Team, where he led the teams responsible for Windows Presentation Foundation and Silverlight.[3] Wallent also was the General Manager of the Windows Manageability team, which includes products such as PowerShell and Windows Management Instrumentation.

Public Transitions[edit]

Wallent's gender transition was publicly discussed, particularly given openness on his personal blog upon leaving Microsoft on November 21, 2007, for medical procedures related to transitioning to Megan.[4] Further, Wallent announced the transition to all 100 of his employees at the time via an email with the subject line "Re: Me."[5] The company touted its financial support for Wallent's medical needs.[6] Wallent joined the board of Out & Equal in 2010.[7]

In 2013, Wallent announced that due to medical complications with hormones, he would be transitioning back to Michael at the end of April 2013 and indicates "I'm still the same", possibly referring to continuing to identity as transgender.[8]


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