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Example of soft porn with a model wearing glasses

Glasses fetishism is the name used to describe a fetishistic attraction to people wearing mainly prescription glasses,[1][2] although it may include any of several elements, such as a partner wearing prescription glasses, sunglasses, or cosmetic contact lenses, or the fetishists themselves wearing any of these glasses. Other related activities include wearing these glasses during sexual acts, and/or ejaculation on glasses.[1] In pornography, the term refers to a subgenre also known as spex appeal in which the actresses wear glasses.

Megane archetype[edit]

In the anime and manga fandom, male characters who gain sex appeal from the fact that they wear glasses are referred to as megane,[3] megane-kun, megane otoko, or meganedanshi[4] (メガネ男子). The female equivalent, which is attractive to otaku, is known as the meganekko (メガネっ娘) (メガネ, also めがね or 眼鏡, pronounced megane ("glasses") and ko for "child" (子) but using the kanji for "daughter" (娘)).

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