Megas Alexandros Thessaloniki

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Megas Alexandros Thessaloniki
Megas Alexandros Thessaloniki logo.png
Full nameGymnastikos Syllogos Megas Alexandros
(Gymnastic Club Alexander the Great)
ColoursRed, black
WebsiteClub website

Megas Alexandros Thessaloniki is a multi-sport club in the city of Thessaloniki, based in the district of Dépôt. It was founded in 1923. It maintains departments of football, basketball, volleyball, olympic weightlifting and fencing. Its colours are red and black and its emblem is Alexander the Great.

The football team of the club participated in the Panhellenic Championships of 1932–33, 1933–34 and 1934–35, though with no success.

During the next decades, the club was mostly known for its basketball, volleyball, such as its academies departments.

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