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Megat Iskandar Shah was the second Sultan of Malacca and the son of Parameswara. The position of Megat Iskandar Shah as the second ruler of Malacca has historically been contested.

In the 2005 book Admiral Zheng He & Southeast Asia published by Singapore's Institute of Southeast Asian Studies, Professor Wang Gungwu, in his paper The First Three Rulers of Melaka, published in 1968, put forward evidence to support the belief that Megat Iskandar Shah was the second ruler of Malacca. This information is recognised in Malaysian school textbooks.

It is noteworthy that neither Tomé Pires's Suma Oriental nor Sejarah Melayu (Malay Annals) make any reference to Megat Iskandar Shah. They, however, acknowledged that Iskandar Shah (Parameswara) had ruled Malacca until 1424.

Sir Richard Winstedt, who earlier in 1935, supported the existence of Megat Iskandar Shah, soon after the Second World War changed his opinion when he became aware of the descriptions from the Suma Oriental.

Megat Iskandar Shah converted to Islam, which made it easier for him to establish a relationship with the traders of Gujarat and Bengal. He also maintained a good relationship with the Ming Empire of China. According to the History of Ming, "The Prince Mugansakandi'ersha (Megat Iskandar Shah) paid tribute to the Yongle Emperor in 1414 after being informed that his father had died. The Emperor gave him gold coins and titled him in return. After that Iskandar Shah paid tribute to the Emperor annually or every two years.'

George Coedes states this was simply the name of Paramesvara after he converted to Islam.[1]:246


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Megat Iskandar Shah of Malacca
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