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Megat Terawis was the first Bendahara of Perak and was known by the title Orang Kaya Bendahara Paduka Raja. He was the son of the Daulat Yang Dipertuan Pagar Ruyung, Megat Terawan. He was to inherit the throne of Pagar Ruyung but he opted for the Bendaharaship of Perak instead of going back to Pagar Ruyung to succeed the throne. His descendants were holders of the Bendaharaship of Perak. One of his descendants, Megat Menjanas (Orang Kaya Bendahara Paduka Seri Maharaja), married Raja Shah Alam Sayong - a daughter of Sultan Muzaffar Shah II of Perak.


Megat Terawis' descendants are named Megat (for males whose fathers are Megats), Puteri (for females whose fathers are Megats), and Tun (for both males and females whose mothers are Puteris).

Some notable members of the Megat Terawis family include:


The approximate number of Megat Terawis' descendants is thought to be around 20,000. An association, Persatuan Keturunan Megat Terawis Malaysia was established in 2003 to bring the clan together.

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