Megatech (Indonesian company)

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Joint-owned corporation
Indonesia (registered in Bermuda)
Key people
Hutomo Mandala Putra
ProductsSupercar development
Projected Megatech F1 engine

Megatech is a Bermuda-registered company that pursued the development of various supercars. It is jointly owned by Hutomo (Tommy) Mandala Putra, the youngest son of President Suharto of Indonesia, and Mycom Setdco, a Bermuda-based subsidiary of Mycom Bhd.[1]

In 1994, MegaTech purchased the Lamborghini brand for $40 million.[1] It then sold it to Audi AG in 1998 for $110 million. It also caused the closure of Vector Aeromotive in 1993, when the company attempted a hostile takeover at the expense of Vector founder Jerry Weigert.[2]


Vector M12

Vector SRV8


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