Meghna Group

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Meghna Group
Industry automobile, Bicycle, cement, packaging, textile, Garments, distribution, retail, information technology
Founded 1965
Headquarters Dhaka, Bangladesh
Total assets US$ 500 M
BDT 40 B[1]

Meghna Group[2] is one of the largest Bangladeshi conglomerates.[3][4] The industries under this conglomerate include automobile, light engineering (bicycle), cement, packaging, textile etc. Meghna Group was established by Bangladeshi entrepreneur Abdul Khaleque Buiyan.[1] It is Bangladesh's largest bicycle manufacturer and said to be sold in Bangladesh, as well as in countries like Germany, UK and other parts of Europe. They are one of the top garments manufacturer in Bangladesh exporting to Europe high end fashion brands. [5]

List of companies[edit]

  • Meghna Automobiles Limited
  • Executive Motors Limited
  • Transworld Bicycle Co. Ltd
  • Uniglory Cycle Industries Ltd
  • Mahin Cycles Ltd
  • M&U Cycles Ltd.
  • M&U Packaging Ltd.
  • Beta Packaging Ltd.
  • Uniglory Cycle Components Ltd
  • Abrar Steels Ltd
  • Meghna Bearing Ltd
  • Meghna Rubber Industries Ltd
  • Uniglory Wheels Ltd
  • Meghna Knit Composite Ltd.
  • Uniglory Packaging Limited
  • Meghna Mainetti Limited
  • Uniglory Components Limited
  • Siam-Bangla Industries Limited
  • Executive Technologies Ltd.
  • Executive Machines Limited
  • Uniglory Paper& packing Ltd
  • Meghna Innova rubber
  • Cycle Life Exclusive Ltd.
  • Antics Graphic Ltd.
  • Meghna Melamine Industries Ltd.

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