Meghri Dam

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Meghri Dam
Meghri Dam is located in Armenia
Meghri Dam
Location of Meghri Dam in Armenia
Construction began2012
Dam and spillways
ImpoundsAras River
Power Station
Turbines4 x 65 MW (87,000 hp)
Installed capacity260 MW (350,000 hp) (max. planned)

The Meghri Dam (also known as the Aras Dam or Aras Watershed Dam) is a hydroelectric dam planned on the Aras River near Armenia's southern town of Meghri on the ArmeniaIran border.

The joint Iranian–Armenia project was proposed in the 1990s and was discussed between Iranian and Armenian authorities.[1][2] Intergovernmental agreements between Armenia and Iran were signed in 2007 and 2008. On 14 April 2009, energy ministries of Armenia and Iran signed a memorandum on financing construction of the Meghri power station of Armenian side.[3] The dam and power stations construction contract was signed on 16 October 2010 with Farab Sepasad Company.[3][4] A ceremony on 17 November 2012, attended by Iran's Minister of Energy and the Armenian President, officially began construction.[5]

The basic studies were carried out by Arm-Hydroenergo-Project Company and Mahab-E-Qods Consulting Engineers Company in 1999.[1] The Meghri station will be operated by Iran for 15 years after which it will be returned to Armenia free of charge.[6]

The project is expected to cost US$400 million.[7]

Power stations[edit]

The complex will consists of two 130 megawatts (170,000 hp) hydroelectric power stations — Ghare Chiler (also transcribed Gharachilar or Karachinar) on the Iranian side and Meghri on Armenia side.[8][9] Due to the sufficient difference in elevation and the presence of Aras Dam on the upstream, the power stations will be run-of-river type. Both power stations will have two turbines with a capacity of 65 megawatts (87,000 hp) each.[10]

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