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Megogo Logo.png
Type of site
OTT/VOD service
Available inRussian, Ukrainian, Kazakh, Belarusian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Estonian, Georgian, Kyrgyz, Romanian, English
Registrationoptional (required for commenting, voting for the film and participation in promotions)
Launched22 November 2011; 8 years ago (2011-11-22)

MEGOGO is an international[1] OTT/VOD service, the largest in the CIS countries and Eastern Europe. Currently it is available primarily in 15 Post-Soviet states and worldwide.

It is a global entertainment service with over 50 million unique users and a catalog of about 80 thousand videos: movies and documentaries, cartoons, series, TV programs and shows, sports broadcasts and cultural events, vlogs, travel-shows, football matches, audiobooks, podcasts etc. Also it streams TV channels: there are over 160 local and foreign TV channels today. This number includes more than 25 movie and serial interactive channels created by MEGOGO. The service has signed contracts with the major Hollywood studios – FOX, Universal, Sony, Walt Disney, MGM, Miramax, Warner Brothers, Paramount Pictures, BBC, Euronews, Discovery Communications, Scripps, Viacom. The service is among exclusive broadcasters of European football leagues La Liga, League 1, Bundesliga[2][3]

The service is multi-screen, provided to users on iPod, iPhone and iPad devices,[4][5] Apple TV, Android devices, including numerous vendors with Android TV, on Smart TVs by LG, Sony, Samsung, Panasonic, Philips, Toshiba, on STBs, media players and game consoles including Sony PlayStation 4, Xbox One, etc.

MEGOGO is actively involved in charity initiatives supporting and co-organizing various movie, media, Internet and cultural events and caring for people with hearing impairment (“Watch the Sound” social project). For example, the service launched its own sign language studio, adapting content for people with hearing impairment for a special section on the website with thousands of movies and cartoons. In June 2018, in a joint effort with UN volunteers, MEGOGO has launched 6 modules of free video-courses in International Sign Language given to all who's interested. The project includes 30 educational videos with English and Ukrainian subtitles. On September 1, MEGOGO launched a channel with audio description in Ukrainian and English.

The service utilizes the following monetization models 1) AVOD: free access with advertising - available on the territory of 15 Post-Soviet states; 2) SVOD: subscription to premium movie catalogue; 3) Bundle subscription Movies&TV, with consists of SVOD catalogue and Pay TV service.[6] In November 2017 the number of monthly unique users reached 50 million.[7] In 2014, the project has launched TV section, which broadcasts TV channels under the brand MEGOGO in Ukraine,[8] Russia,[9] Belarus,[10] Latvia and other countries.[11]

August 2016 large-scale LIVE-broadcastings of sports and cultural events were launched, continued by the first self-produced travel video blog in the summer 2017.


The service library has more than 80 thousand units of legal video content: feature films, documentaries, cartoons, TV shows, TV series, live sports and cultural events, news, music videos, audiobooks, podcasts.[12]

Most of the content is available for free. Video is available in the Full HD, 1080p format, UHD(4K).[13] There is also an intelligent system of memory and recommendations implemented.

The service is available on iPod, iPhone and iPad devices,[4][5] on devices powered by Android platform,[14] LG,[15] Sony, Samsung, Panasonic,[16] Philips,[17] Toshiba [1] TVs with the function of Smart TV, on Dune HD,[18] Aura,[19] Inext[20] and other media set-top boxes powered by Android 2.2 and above,[21] and on Pocketbook e-books.[22] MEGOGO uses its own Content Delivery Network (CDN), with hundreds of servers worldwide, and hubs in Frankfurt(Main), Moscow and Kyiv.

The global trend of viewing videos through a variety of portable devices[23] is confirmed by MEGOGO – in June 2014, 43% of all traffic was accounted for Smart TV, 15% - for mobile devices. The indicators, such as length and frequency of views, and downloads number, are constantly growing.

The main source of monetization is a short video ad, which is shown to users before watching the movie, at the end of it and while pressing pause. There are also some pay-per-view movies, available through paid subscription.[24][25]

MEGOGO is actively developing innovative solutions. At the end of 2015, the company presented a VR application. in Summer of 2016 has implemented a test feature of machine learning-based advertising using artificial neural networks. At the same time, MEGOGO become the first video service in the world that broadcast live streams in unique format: professional shooting and self-streaming. Starting from October 2016, MEGOGO is offering movies in HDR format. In December 2016, Apple has named MEGOGO one of the year's apps. In December 2017 - the best app by Google.[26]

In December 2019, MEGOGO launched audio content with audiobooks and podcasts.


Officially, the project was launched on November 22, 2011.[27] In March 2012, number of visitors of website hit 4.5 million.[28] In April, the site of online movie theater was adapted for watching videos on iPod, iPhone and iPad devices.[4]

At the end of May 2012, MEGOGO company opened its offices in Belarus and Latvia.[28][29] In June 2012, free access to was made available in the LG TVs with Smart TV.[15] Also, the embedded player was created, which can be placed on any sites and social network.[30] In August, the entire MEGOGO video content was made available to users of VK social network.[31]

In July 2012, the number of unique users reached 9.6 million people,[32] and in August there were 12.5 million users.[14] In September 2012, the app for Android was released,[14] and in October the video service launched an app for iPad.[33] Within two months the MEGOGO apps for mobile devices were downloaded by 235 thousand people.[34]

In November 2012 the MEGOGO apps were launched for Panasonic's Smart Viera TVs[16] and in the Windows Store.[35] In November, the monthly number of users has reached 13 million.[36] In January 2013 the monthly audience hit 17.5 million viewers, and in February it reached 20 million.[37]

In March 2013, the MEGOGO app appeared in Philips TVs.[17] At the same time, the content of Euronews news channel became available for the service users.[38] In June, MEGOGO released an app for Pocketbook e-book[22] and launched an extension for browsers that work on the Chrome engine.[39]

In the beginning of 2014 MEGOGO has launched the TV section, where the broadcast of linear channels is streamed.[40] In the end of 2014, MEGOGO was launched as a localised project in Czech Republic.[41]

In February 2015, the number of monthly unique users reached 32 million,[42] when the service started streaming 4K content.[43] In summer 2015 MEGOGO enriched the TV service by its own thematic channels with interactive functions. Also In 2015 the service launched a VR application. In 2015, MEGOGO increased the number of channels in TV library and distributed the streaming of the TV service worldwide. In addition, 2015 and the next 2016 are marked by cooperation with telecom providers in different countries: by October 2016 MEGOGO has signed contracts with more than 100 Internet service providers and mobile operators.

In summer 2016, MEGOGO announced testing of applying computer vision and neural networks in advertising display. In October 2016, the service launched an interactive channel “Watch the sound”, 100% content of which is broadcast with sign language interpretation. Next month MEGOGO started streaming movies in HDR[44]. At the end of 2016, MEGOGO was recognized as The Best App of the Year by Apple App Store.[45]

In April 2017 MEGOGO received PCI DSS certificate ensuring payment security compliance with the highest international standard.[46] Also, in spring 2017 MEGOGO broadcast a live stream from RIF-KIB 2017 industry event[47] and supported open air cinemas in Moscow parks.[48] In autumn 2017, the videoservice has presented a new logo, brand identity and announced its new approach to building TV of the future. At the same time, the company has presented its own mono-brand TV console MEGOGO BOX.[49] At the end of the year, the application was called The Best according to Google.[50]

In August 2018, the service announced worldwide broadcasting of 150 cinematic works of Kazakhfilm studio.[51] and launched Football section where it broadcasts games of 3 top championships – Germany, France, Spain.[2][3]


At the end of 2019, the company broadened the range of its activities to become a mediaservice for the whole family. Before MEGOGO has positioned itself as a video service of movies, series, cartoons, shows and TV. Currently the company has launched its own channels, audio content with podcasts and audiobooks, and creates its own content.[52]

The service has the content for different target groups. The priority one is children, maintained through a strict parent control system.[53]

MEGOGO popularizes sports broadcasting events on MEGOGO Football channel and other 15 ones available on the platform as well as with a separate Sports content section.[54]


In May 2012, MEGOGO launched Hollywood News section, which is a video news feed of Hollywood industry and the world of show business. Original content is provided by Films & star news agency, which is owned by an American company FCCE.[55][56]

In February 2013, MEGOGO signed a deal with BBC Worldwide, acquiring 300 hours of video, including Human Planet and the Sir David Attenborough-narrated documentary series Frozen Planet, along with dramas Luther, Sherlock and The Fades.[57]At the same time, 3D films were made available in the MegogoHD app for the LG Smart TV platform.[58]

In May 2016, MEGOGO renewed well known 1970-90s cartoon series Cossacks, releasing its 28 new episodes. It was the first content produced by MEGOGO (in cooperation with Baraban animation studio). Later in summer, the company launched a distinctive project, MEGOGO LIVE. It broadcasts large-scale sports and cultural events live. Z-Games 2016 и Red Bull BC ONE were the first headliners of the LIVE.

In spring 2017, the VOD-service started broadcasting music show from Nashe TV channel, and in summer 2017 - Nashestviye festival.[59] In June 2017, the service started its first original travel-vlog project, Dasha on the Wave (8 episoden s).[60] In November this year, MEGOGO has become official broadcaster of European football leagues La Liga, League 1, Bundesliga and Serie A on the territory of Ukraine.[61]

In November 2018, MEGOGO users could watch PyeongChang 2018 Olympic Winter Games.[62]


The platform cooperates with copyright holders of several spheres.

TV and movies

  • Ukrainian (Odeska kinostudiia, Inter, Media Hrupa Ukraina, StarLightMedia, 1+1 Media, Kinostudiia im. Dovzhenka, Ukranimafilm, Group, Studiia 95 kvartal); European/American (FOX, Universal, SONY, Walt Disney, MGM, Miramax, Warner Brothers, Paramount Pictures, BBC, Euronews, Discovery Communications, Viacom, Viasat); Russian (TsPSh, Volha, Paradiz, VHTRK, Liuksor, MEGOGO Distribution, Artkhauz, Mosfilm, Lenfilm, Kinostudiia imeni Horkoho, Animakkord, STV, Leopolis, DT-Prodakshn, Karmen, Soiuzmultfilm).


  • Тоp Rank, La Liga, Ligue 1, Bundesliga, WePlay! Esports and others.


  • Publishing houses: AST, EKSMO, Azbuka-Attikus, Multymediine vydavnytstvo Strelbytskoho, Alpina Digital, IDDK, Ardis, Nash Format.

Social Responsibility[edit]

In 2015, MEGOGO launched the “Watch the Sound” social project with the aim of enabling people with hearing impairment to access the video content. In these terms the platform opened a separate section with products translated into International Sign Language as well as own interactive channel “Watch the Sound” targeted for various age groups.[63] Later on, the project launched an opportunity of “hearing the image” for people with vision disorders adding tiflo comments to videos.[63] Such content is respectively marked as well as the service channel “Movies Sound” offering films with tiflo comments.


  • Own MEGOGO channels

MEGOGO Football is an interactive special channel for a broad audience of football fans launched on January 14, 2019.[64]

MEGOGO LIVE is a channel of the youth alternative music and music videos of artists that are not seldom.[65] As of 2019, the channel cooperates with 118 ukrainian artists. It produces own shows with celebrities, young artists and popular bloggers. The channel broadcasts major music events and concerts. The channel’s chief producer is Yevhen Halych, the frontman of the Ukrainian rock band O.Torvald.[65]

  • Interactive channels

Since 2015, MEGOGO creates own interactive channels. As of the beginning of 2020, there are 50 of them broadcasting 24/7 in HD-Quality on the basis of a playlist of contents available on the service.[66] The channels are thematically differentiated: comedy, horror, history etc.

  • TV functions

All MEGOGO channels have interactive functions: pause, rewind, watch achiv shows.[67]

  • Audio content

MEGOGO smartphone users have access to audio content with audiobooks and podcasts of its own production.[68]The content could be downloaded into the app to access offline.[68]

  • Download function

Offline access in the app is also available for the downloaded VOD-content.[69]

  • High image quality

The majority of channels available on MEGOGO are broadcast in HD-quality, also the national channels of Ukrainian media groups.[70]

The service has a large 4K film library. At the end of 2019, MEGOGO was the first to stream football in 4K-quality in Ukraine.[71]

  • Premieres

MEGOGO offers a separate “Premieres” section with the variety of paid access options.[72]

  • Recommendation system

MEGOGO is using a recommendation system based on users' view data.[73]


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