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MeaningDifferent meanings depending on the kanji used
Region of originJapan

Megumi (めぐみ, メグミ, 恵, 恵美, 愛, 恩恵, 恩) is a Japanese feminine given name. In Japanese, the word megumi means "blessing; grace." It regularly occurs in Japanese-language Christian texts, as it's used to refer to Grace in Christianity and appears in the Japanese translation of the hymn Amazing Grace.


While the word megumi means blessing and can be written using that kanji, it may also be spelled using other kanji, such as the kanji for love, or written using kana.

  • 恵, "blessing, grace"
  • 愛, "love"
  • 恵美, "blessing, favor; beauty"
  • 旋美, "rotate, turn; beauty"
  • 寵美, "love, affection, patronage; beauty"
  • 巡美, "circumference, patrol; beauty"
  • 廻美, "round, game, revolve, go around, circumference; beauty"
  • 斡美, "administer, go around, rule; beauty"


  • Megumi Fujii (藤井 恵, born 1974), retired Japanese mixed martial artist
  • Megumi Furuya (めぐみ, born 1981), Japanese gravure idol, tarento, actress, and singer, who simply uses the stage name Megumi
  • Megumi Hayashibara (林原 めぐみ, born 1967), Japanese voice actress, lyricist and singer
  • Megumi Han (潘 めぐみ, born 1989), Japanese actress and voice actress
  • Megumi Igarashi (五十嵐 恵, born 1976), Japanese artist
  • Megumi Iseda (伊勢田 愛, born 1987), Japanese sailor
  • Megumi Itabashi (板橋 恵, born 1973), Japanese volleyball player
  • Megumi Itō (伊東 恵, born 1966), Japanese synchronized swimmer
  • Megumi Kadonosono (門之園 恵美, born 1970), Japanese animator and character designer
  • Megumi Kageyama (景山 恵, born 1992), Japanese field hockey player
  • Megumi Kagurazaka (神楽坂 恵, born 1982), Japanese actress and model
  • Megumi Kawamura (河村めぐみ, born 1983), Japanese volleyball player and fashion model
  • Megumi Kobayashi (小林 恵, born 1977), Japanese model, actress and singer
  • Megumi Kurihara (栗原恵, born 1984), Japanese volleyball player
  • Megumi Kudo (工藤めぐみ), Japanese professional wrestler
  • Megumi Matsumoto (松元 恵, born 1977), Japanese voice actress
  • Megumi Mizusawa (水沢めぐみ, born 1963), Japanese manga artist
  • Megumi Murakami (村上 愛, born 1992), J-pop singer, former member of Cute
  • Megumi Nakajima (中島 愛, born 1989), Japanese Filipina singer and voice actress
  • Megumi Odaka (小高恵美, born 1972), Japanese voice actress and actress
  • Megumi Ogata (緒方 恵美, born 1965), Japanese voice actress and singer
  • Megumi Ōhara (大原 めぐみ, born 1975), Japanese voice actress
  • Megumi Okina (奥菜 恵, born 1979), Japanese actress and J-pop singer
  • Megumi Sasaki (佐々木 芽生, born 1962), Japanese filmmaker and writer
  • Megumi Sato (佐藤 恵, born 1966), Japanese high jumper
  • Megumi Seki (関 めぐみ, born 1985), Japanese actress
  • Megumi Tachikawa (立川 恵), Japanese manga artist
  • Megumi Takamoto (高本 めぐみ, born 1985), Japanese voice actress
  • Megumi Toyoguchi (豊口 めぐみ, born 1978), Japanese voice actress
  • Megumi Urawa (浦和 めぐみ, born 1965), Japanese voice actress
  • Megumi Yamaguchi (山口 愛, born 1997), Japanese voice actress
  • Megumi Yokota (横田 めぐみ, 1964-1994 or 2004), one of at least thirteen Japanese citizens kidnapped by North Korea in the late 1970s and early 1980s
  • Megumi Yasu, Japanese gravure idol, model and actress

Fictional characters[edit]