Meguro Sky Garden

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Meguro Sky Garden
Meguro Sky Garden Scale Model.jpg
Meguro Sky Garden Scale Model
LocationMeguro, Tokyo, Japan
Coordinates35°39′05″N 139°41′17″E / 35.6513°N 139.68815°E / 35.6513; 139.68815
Area7,000 square metres (75,000 sq ft)

Meguro Sky Garden (目黒天空庭園, Meguro Tenkuteien) is a linear roof garden park in Ohashi, Meguro, Tokyo, Japan, constructed on a sloping roof rising from 15 to 35 meters above street level. The garden serves to cover the intersection of two major expressways; the elevated Route 3 (Shuto Expressway) Shibuya radial route (Tanimachi JCT - Yoga) and the deep level subterranean Central Circular Route C2.[1]

The completed interchange links the Central Circular Route (Shuto Expressway) through the Yamate Tunnel as far as the Bayshore Route in Shinagawa.[2]

The road junction redevelopment also includes high rise residential housing, retail, a local Meguro government branch office, a library, community meeting rooms and all-weather sports facilities.[3]



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