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Born Ken Sekine
(1977-06-25) June 25, 1977 (age 40)
Yokosuka, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan
Nationality Japanese
Occupation Comedian, YouTuber
Internet information
Web alias(es) Megwin
Web hosting service(s) YouTube
Signature phrase Ore ga ore ni on demando (オレがオレにオンデマンド, "I'm here and I'm on demand")

Ken Sekine (関根 剣, Sekine Ken), better known by his alias Megwin, is a Japanese YouTuber and comedian. Megwin is one of YouTube Japan's most prolific YouTube bloggers, having 627,266 subscribers as of 25 of October 2016. Sekine started out doing live comedy before switching to YouTube in 2005, where he has been releasing a video every day for 10 years with his various friends and workers.[1] In 2011 he registered his own company Megwin TV Co., Ltd. (株式会社MEGWIN TV, Kabushikikaisha Meguwin Terebi). He has also partnered with the company Tanita[2][3] and has held lectures on the new "Digital Hollywood".[4] In 2013, Sekine released his first book Earning a Little on YouTube: The Master of 200 Million Views Teaches You How to Change Videos Into Money (YouTubeで小さく稼ぐ ~再生回数2億回の達人が教える、撮った動画をお金に変える方法~, Yūchūbu de Chīsaku Kasegu ~Saisei Kaisū Ni-oku-kai no Tatsujin ga Oshieru, Totta Dōga o Okane ni Kaeru Hōhō~).


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