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For other uses, see Mehbooba (2008 film).
Directed by Shakti Samanta
Produced by Mushir-Riaz
Written by Gulshan Nanda
Starring Rajesh Khanna
Hema Malini
Prem Chopra
Nazir Hussain
Music by Rahul Dev Burman
Anand Bakshi (lyrics)
Cinematography Aloke Dasgupta
Edited by Bijoy Chowdhury
Release dates
19 July 1976
Country India
Language Hindi

Mehbooba is a 1976 Hindi film produced by Mushir-Riaz and directed by Shakti Samanta. The film stars Rajesh Khanna, Hema Malini and Prem Chopra. The music is composed by Rahul Dev Burman, noted for haunting melody 'Mere naian sawan bhadon' sung by both Lata Mangeshkar and Kishore Kumar. The plot it is based on Gulshan Nanda's novel Sisakate Saaz, and Nanda also wrote the screenplay himself.


Singer Suraj (Rajesh Khanna) was presented with a veena (stringed musical instrument) by his fiancee. Thereafter, he often listens to an haunting song at nights and observes that name 'Ratna' was written on that. One day, while going for a stage show, he gets struck in heavy rain in an unknown place and goes to stay in a small motel, where he meets a woman named Ratna. During night, he observes that Ratna, singing the same song he often hears at night, going to a distant mahal (grand house of olden times). He follows her reflexively and enters the abandoned mahal. He tries to call out for Ratna, but learns from old keeper of mahal that Ratna died more than a hundred years ago and people feel that she still haunts that mahal.

Later portrait of Ratna makes him remember their previous life. In previous life he was Prakash, chief singer of royal court. He was in love with Ratna, a beautiful and talented court dancer.They fell in love but both have problems to marry as Prakash was already promised to Jamuna in his childhood and Ratna couldn't marry as she was to become royal courtesan, At last, they decided to run away but killed on their way, promising each other that they would meet again.

Suraj, after coming to senses, feels lonely and confused. Shortly after he meets a gypsy, Jhumri (also Malini) who looks exactly like Ratna. Soon he makes Jhumri to remember her past life and her love for Prakash. This angers Rita Malhotra (Asha Sachdev), fiancee of Suraj, and Appa (Prem Chopra), who wants to marry Jhumri. Appa steals the portrait, and sets the gypsies against Suraj, ensuring fight between Suraj and gypsies. But Suraj and Jhumri manage to overcome all the obstacles and stay together in this life.


Kishore Kumar too wanted to sing 'Mere Naina Sawan Bhadho' that was initially written for Lata Mangeshkar. R. D. Burman agreed and wanted to record Kishore Kumar first. Kishore Kumar insisted Lata Mangeshkar record first. Though unacceptable at first, R. D. Burman yielded. Lata Mangeshkar recorded the song with great difficulty as it demanded great vocal strengths with long notes (reference needed). Kishore Kumar had his version recorded. Till date his version is more famous than Lata Mangeshkar's (reference?). He listened to the song for 7 days before recording (reference?). This Song Is Based On "Raga Shivranjani" This Song is considered as the most beautiful song sung by Kishore Da. We can feel the extreme variations and voice range in this song.


Actor/Actress Character/Role Notes
Rajesh Khanna Prakash/Suraj
Hema Malini Ratna/Jhumri
Prem Chopra Appa
Asrani Sinha
Asha Sachdev Rita Malhotra
Harindranath Chattopadhyay Rita's father
Sujit Kumar Dr. Vinod
Manmohan Krishna Bandhe Ali Khan as Manmohan Krishan
Madan Puri Sardar
Meena T. Gauri
Nazir Hussain Guruji as Nazir Hussain
Leela Mishra Jhumri's mother as Leela Misra
Alankar Joshi Buntu as Master Alankar
Chandrashekhar Thakur Himmat Singh
Yogeeta Bali Jamuna Singh Guest Appearance



Song Mere Naina Sawan Bhadon is an evergreen number and Parbat Ke Peechhe too was popular number.

Song Title Singers Time
Mere Naina Sawan Bhadon Lata Mangeshkar 6:20
Mere Naina Sawan Bhadon Kishore Kumar 5:25
Gori Tori Paijaniya Manna Dey 6:00
Parbat Ke Peechhe Lata Mangeshkar, Kishore Kumar 3:55
Jamuna Kinare Aa Ja Lata Mangeshkar 5:05
Chalo Ri Chalo Ri Lata Mangeshkar 4:00
Aapke Shahar Mein Aai Hoon Lata Mangeshkar 5:00

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