Mehed ei nuta

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Mehed ei nuta
Mehed ei nuta (1968).jpg
DVD Cover
Directed by Sulev Nõmmik
Produced by Eesti Telefilm
Written by Enn Vetemaa
Sulev Nõmmik
Music by Ülo Vinter
Distributed by Eesti Telefilm
Release date
1 January 1969
Running time
80 min
Country USSR, Estonian SSR
Language Estonian

Mehed ei nuta (Estonian for Men Don't Cry) is an Estonian television comedy movie released in 1968, directed by Sulev Nõmmik and written by himself and Enn Vetemaa.


Together with Viimne reliikvia, Siin me oleme! and Noor pensionär, Mehed ei nuta is one of the most culturally influential movies of the Soviet era in Estonia. Particularly memorable is the character of a hypochondriac protagonist, played by Ervin Abel.

Plot synopsis[edit]

A group of people suffering from sleeplessness are, under the guise of a resort, moved to a peninsula and subjected to work therapy. When they realise the deception, they attempt to leave the fake resort, with hilarious consequences.


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