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Meher Abbasi
Born April 1983
Occupation Journalist, Anchor
Nationality Pakistani Pakistan
Citizenship Pakistan
Subject Social, Politics
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Meher Abbasi (مہر عباسی), formerly Meher Bokhari April مہر بخاری),1983 is a Pakistani journalist and a TV anchorperson/host. She began her career at SAMAA TV.[1] After a high-profile stint at Dunya News, Bokhari is currently employed by Dawn News.

Education and Career[edit]

Bokhari started her career as a journalist and a host on TV news programs for SAMAA TV.[1] She had a stint with Dunya News after departing from SAMAA. Currently, she is employed by Dawn News as a talkshow anchorperson. Bokhari was born in 1984 and during her early years, raised in Pakistan. She went abroad in pursuit of higher education, but later returned to pursue her professional career in Pakistan.[2][3]

2012 Interview Scandal[edit]

On the 13th of June, 2012, Bokhari and co-host Mubashar Lucman on Dunya News, interviewed Malik Riaz, Pakistani property tycoon and owner of the Bahria Town Group, who had made a string of corruption accusations against Arsalan Iftikhar, son of the then Chief Justice of Pakistan Iftikhar Mohammad Chauhdry. One day after the interview aired, a recording of supposedly off-air conversations between Bokhari, Lucman, and Riaz during scheduled breaks of the interview surfaced on YouTube. The nature of the conversation and comments gave credence to the assertion that the entire interview was staged to benefit Malik Riaz by asking guided questions to give Riaz the opportunity to malign the then Chief Justice.[4]

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