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Coin of Meherdates, Parthian contender against Gotarzes II.jpg
Coin of Meherdates
Rival Parthian king
Reign49 – 51
PredecessorGotarzes II
SuccessorGotarzes II
DynastyArsacid dynasty
FatherVonones I

Meherdates (Parthian: 𐭌𐭄𐭓𐭃𐭕 Mihrdāt) was a Parthian prince who competed against Gotarzes II (r. 40–51) for the Parthian crown from 49 to 51.[1] A son of Vonones I (r. 8–12), he was ultimately defeated and captured by Gotarzes II, who spared him, but had his ears mutilated, an act that disqualified him from inheriting the throne.[2][1][3]


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Preceded by
Gotarzes II
Parthian king
Succeeded by
Gotarzes II