Mehmed I Giray

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Meñli I Giray (centre) with the eldest son, future khan Mehmed I Giray (left) and Ottoman sultan Bayezid II (right).

Mehmed I Giray, Mukhamad Khan Girai, known as Great (1465–1523) — a khan of the Crimean Khanate in 1515 –1523.

Son of Meñli I Giray, inherited power after his father's death. In 1520 signed a temporary alliance with king of Poland and Grand Duke of Lithuania, Zygmunt I Stary, against Muscovy. In 1521 he took Kazan, where he put his brother, Sahib I Giray (future Khan of Crimea, too) in power. Leading a large Tatar army he defeated Vasili III of Russia near Moscow.[1]

He was married to Nurum Sultan Khatun, daughter of Hasan Bey, of the Manghits. He died in 1523.


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