Mehran Force

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Mehran Force
Country Pakistan
Size24,000 active troops[1]
Part ofPakistan Paramilitary Forces
HeadquartersKarachi, Sindh

The Mehran Force was an auxiliary of the Pakistan Army used for internal security duties in Sindh. In 1994 the Mehran Force had a strength of 24,000 and was organizationally divided into "wings" of approximately 800 men each.[2]

The Mehran Force was subordinate to the Ministry of Interior and was commanded by seconded army generals.


In 1942 the Thar Rangers was raised as the Sindh Police Rifles. During 1948, the unit was re-designated as Sindh Police Rangers. In 1956, this unit was then renamed as Indus Rangers. Due to deteriorating Law and Order situation in upper Sindh, Headquarters Mehran Force was established in Karachi in 1989 to deal with the situation. In 1995, Pakistan Rangers was divided into the Pakistan Rangers (Punjab) and the Pakistan Rangers (Sindh) and the Mehran Force was then merged into Pakistan Rangers (Sindh). Pakistan Rangers (Sindh) is governed by Ranger's Ordinance 1959[3] and operates under control Ministry of Interior and Headquarters 5 Corps.[4][5]

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