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Mehul M. Thakker is the first South Asian person to run for a Statewide office in California as a Green Party candidate.[1] In 2006, he ran for State Treasurer as a Green Party candidate but was defeated.[2][3]

Thakker is a second generation South Asian American whose parents immigrated to the U.S. from India in 1969. He was born and raised in Odessa, Texas, where he graduated from Permian High School in 1995.[4] He holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from the University of Texas at Dallas[5]

As co-author of the book, California Under Corporate Rule,[6] Thakker outlined the reasons for the number of uninsured Californians and proposes that single-payer health care is the best long-term solution for people of California.

Along with Peter Camejo, Donna J. Warren, Forrest Hill, Michael Wyman, Larry Cafiero, and Todd Chretien, Mehul comprised the MVP slate of the 2006 Green Party of California candidates.[7] MVP stands for "Million Votes for Peace," a campaign in which these candidates aim to garner one million votes from California voters that are against the war in Iraq.[8]

Mehul M. Thakker is currently an Investment Advisor with Empowered Investments in San Leandro, CA. Previously he was an Investment Advisor with Oakland, CA based Progressive Asset Management (PAM).[9] PAM was founded in 1987 as the nation's first, independent socially responsible investment broker-dealer.[10] Thakker is also active in the movements for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), shareholder rights, and to expose unnecessarily high CEO compensation packages.[11]


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