Meikō Line

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Meikō Line
Subway NagoyaMeijo.png
Nagoya subway series 2000.jpg
Native name 名港線
Type Rapid transit
System Nagoya Municipal Subway
Locale Nagoya
Termini Kanayama
Stations 7
Opened March 29, 1971
Operator(s) Transportation Bureau City of Nagoya
Depot(s) Nagoyakō
Rolling stock 2000 series
Track length 6.0 km (3.7 mi)
Number of tracks 2
Track gauge 1,435 mm (4 ft 8 12 in)
Electrification Third rail

The Meikō Line (名港線?, Meikō-sen) is a subway line forming part of the Nagoya Municipal Subway system in Nagoya, Japan, operated by Transportation Bureau City of Nagoya. It runs from Kanayama Station in Naka Ward to Nagoyako Station in Minato Ward, all within Nagoya. The Meikō Line color on maps is a stripe of wisteria purple and white. Its stations are numbered with the prefix "E". Officially, the line is part of Nagoya City Rapid Railway Line 2 (名古屋市高速度鉄道第2号線?, Nagoya-shi Kōsokudo Tetsudō Dai-ni-gō-sen). All the stations accept manaca, a rechargeable contactless smart card. The line has through services with the Meijō Line.


No. Station name Japanese Distance (km) Transfers Location
Through service to/from Meijō Line.
E01 Kanayama 金山 0.0 Chūō Main Line, Tōkaidō Main Line
Meitetsu Nagoya Line
Nagoya Municipal Subway: Subway NagoyaMeijo.png Meijō Line (M01)
Naka Nagoya, Aichi
E02 Hibino 日比野] 1.5 Atsuta
E03 Rokuban-chō 六番町 2.6
E04 Tōkai-dōri 東海通 3.8 Minato
E05 Minato Kuyakusho 港区役所 4.6
E06 Tsukiji-guchi 築地口 5.4
E07 Nagoyakō (Nagoya Port) 名古屋港 6.0


The line was originally the part of Meijō Line. When Line 4, the eastern part of the current loop line, was completed in 2004, the whole of the loop (consisting of part of Line 2 and line 4) was renamed the Meijō Line, and the remaining section between Kanayama and Nagoyakō, outside the loop, became the Meikō Line. The name Meikō derives from the abbreviated kanji form of Nagoya Port (名古屋港?, Nagoya-kō).

Women-only cars were introduced on the line on 4 July 2016, operating in the mornings until 09:00.[1]

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