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Meikle may refer to:


  • Andrea Meikle (née Crowther) (born 1963), former association football player who represented New Zealand at international level
  • Andrew Meikle (1719–1811), Scottish mechanical engineer credited with inventing the threshing machine
  • Andrew Meikle Bryan FRSE (1893–1988), Scottish mining engineer
  • Carola Ivena Meikle (née Dickinson), British algologist, or anaesthetist with speciality training in pain management
  • Chris Meikle, Senior Vice President of St Louis Music and the Head of Development of Alvarez Guitars
  • George Meikle Kemp (1795–1844), Scottish carpenter/joiner, draughtsman, and self-taught architect
  • Izzy Meikle-Small (born 1996), British actress who has appeared in feature films and TV shows
  • Jeffrey Meikle, American cultural historian, Professor in the American Studies and American Civilization Programs of the University of Texas at Austin
  • John James Meikle (1845–1937), New Zealand farmer and litigant
  • John Meikle VC MM (1898–1918), Scottish hero of World War I and recipient of the Victoria Cross
  • John Meikle (Saskatchewan politician) (1870–1964), Scottish-born farmer and political figure in Saskatchewan
  • Lindon Meikle (born 1988), English professional footballer
  • Orde Meikle (born 1964), member of DJ duo Slam, with Stuart MacMillan (born 1966); co-founders of Soma Quality Recordings
  • Orim M. Meikle (born 1967), the Senior Pastor and Chairman of Rhema Canada in Toronto, Canada
  • Richard Meikle (1929–1991), Australian actor who worked extensively in film, theatre, film and radio
  • Robert Desmond Meikle (born 1923), Irish botanist from the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew
  • Robert Greenshields Meikle (1830–1887), merchant and political figure in Quebec
  • Sam Meikle (born 1971), Australian writer and director best known for his work in television
  • Thomas Meikle (1861–1939), born in Scotland, businessman and pioneer in Rhodesia


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