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Live album by Psychic TV
Released 1994
Label Dossier DCD 9046

Mein*Goett*In*Gen is a live CD album by Psychic TV.

Track 1 was recorded live in Göttingen, Germany on May 17, 1984. Track 2 was recorded at the Berlin Atonal Festival, Germany on December 2, 1983.

The first track is the reissue of Live in Gottingen as a single track. The second track is the reissue of the Psychic TV side of the split release Berlin Atonal Vol. 2.

Mein*Goett*In*Gen was reissued in 2003 as the album Live in Gottingen.


Live in Gottingen (track 1)[edit]

Berlin Atonal (track 2)[edit]

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Thee Lie" "Thee Truth"
  2. "Papacy" "Unclean" "God's Blood" "New Will"

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