Meinhard I, Count of Gorizia

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Meinhard I
Count of Gorizia
XIngeram Codex 091b-Görz.jpg
Coat of arms of the Counts of Gorizia,
Ingeram Codex, 1459
Born c. 1070
Died 1142
Noble family House of Gorizia (Meinhardiner)
Spouse(s) Hildegard
Elisabeth of Schwarzenburg
Father Meginhard, Count in the Puster Valley

Meinhard I (c. 1070 – 1142), an ancestor of the noble House of Gorizia (Meinhardiner dynasty), was ruling count of Gorizia from 1122 until his death. He also held the offices of a Count palatine in the Duchy of Carinthia as well as Vogt governor of the Patriarchate of Aquileia and of St Peter Abbey in the March of Istria.


The Meinhardiner noble family was of Bavarian origin; Meinhard's father Meginhard is documented as a count in the Bavarian Puster Valley in 1107. The dynasty had been able to acquire large estates in the newly established Patria del Friuli, among them the castle of Gorizia (Görz) as their new ancestral seat. In 1090 Meinhard's elder brother Engelbert I (d. 1122) succeeded their father as ruler over the Puster Valley and Gorizia possessions and in 1099 was appointed Bavarian Count palatine by Emperor Henry IV. In 1102 he also assumed the office of a Vogt of Millstatt Abbey from the Aribonid dynasty related by marriage.

In 1122, Meinhard succeeded Engelbert I as Count of Gorizia. At that time, his estates consisted of the Upper Puster Valley estates, from Innichen Abbey to below Lienz in the west, and the lands around Gorizia in Friuli, which later formed the core of the immediate County of Gorizia, as well as parts of Istria, including Pazin.

Marriages and issue[edit]

His first marriage, with Hildegard, remained childless.

From his second marriage, with Elisabeth, a daughter of Count Botho of Schwarzenburg in the Bavarian Nordgau, he had four children:

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Meinhard I, Count of Gorizia
Born: c. 1070 Died: 1142
Preceded by
Engelbert I
Count of Gorizia
Succeeded by
Henry II