Meinrad of Einsiedeln

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"Saint Meinrad" redirects here. For the location in the United States, see Saint Meinrad, Indiana.
St. Meinrad of Einsiedeln
Roman Catholic saint
Born c. 797
Died 21 January 861
Feast 21. January
Attributes two ravens
Patronage Hospitality

Saint Meinrad (c. 797 – 21 January 861) was a hermit and a Roman Catholic saint.

Meinrad chapel on Etzel Pass
Einsiedeln Abbey

Meinrad was born into the family of the Counts of Hohenzollern and was educated at the abbey school of Reichenau, an island in Lake Constance, under his kinsmen Abbots Hatto and Erlebald. There he became a monk and was ordained. After some years at Reichenau, the dependent priory of Benken, St. Gallen near Lake Zurich, he embraced an eremitical life and established his hermitage on the slopes of Etzel Pass, taking with him a wonder-working statue of the Virgin Mary which he had been given by the Abbess Hildegarde of Zurich. He was killed in 861 by the thieves Richard and Peter who wanted the treasures which pilgrims left at the shrine. Meinrad is known as the Martyr of Hospitality.

The location was occupied by a series of others for the next eighty years. One of them, named Eberhard, previously Provost of Strasburg, erected a monastery and church there, of which he became first abbot. This monastery is Einsiedeln Abbey.

The Feast Day of St. Meinrad is on 21 January.

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