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Not to be confused with Meir Katzenellenbogen.

Meir Wahl or Meir Wahl Katzenellenbogen,[1][2] (also known as Meir Shauls[3] and MAHARASH[4]) was a Polish rabbi. He was the son of Saul Wahl, who according to legend, was king of Poland for one day.[5]

At the beginning of his rabbinical career, Wahl was the Av Beit Din at Tykocin, Poland, later moving on to the Av Beit Din position of Brest, Belarus.[3] Saul was integral in the formation of the Council of the Land of Lithuania in 1623, the controlling legal body for the Jews of Lithuania [3][6]

Wahl had a daughter named Baila who married Rabbi Yonah Teomim, who were parents to prominent rabbis.[5]


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