Meitetsu Komaki Line

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Meitetsu Komaki Line
A 300 series train
A 300 series train
Native name 名鉄小牧線
Type Commuter rail
Locale Aichi Prefecture
Termini Kamiiida
Stations 14
Daily ridership 14,743[1] (FY2008)
Rolling stock Meitetsu 300 Series
Nagoya Municipal Subway 7000 series (through service)
Line length 20.6 km (12.80 mi)
Track gauge 1,067 mm (3 ft 6 in)
Electrification Overhead catenary 1,500 V DC

The Meitetsu Komaki Line (名鉄小牧線, Meitetsu Komaki-sen) is a 20.6 km railway line in Aichi Prefecture, Japan, operated by the private railway operator Nagoya Railroad (Meitetsu), connecting Kamiiida Station in Nagoya with Inuyama Station in Inuyama. The track from Kamiiida to Ajima is mostly underground, a continuation of the Kamiiida Line operated by the Nagoya Municipal Subway.


A 7000 series train bound for Inuyama
No. Name Japanese Distance (km) Transfers Location
KM13 Kamiiida 上飯田 0.0 Nagoya Municipal Subway: Kamiiida Line (K01) Kita-ku, Nagoya Aichi Prefecture
KM12 Ajima 味鋺 2.3
KM11 Ajiyoshi 味美 3.7 Kasugai
KM10 Kasugai 春日井 5.4
KM09 Ushiyama 牛山 6.9
KM08 Manai 間内 7.8
KM07 Komakiguchi 小牧口 9.0 Komaki
KM06 Komaki 小牧 9.8
KM05 Komakihara 小牧原 11.3
KM04 Ajioka 味岡 12.4
KM03 Tagata-jinja-mae 田県神社前 13.3
KM02 Gakuden 楽田 14.9 Inuyama
KM01 Haguro 羽黒 17.2
IY15 Inuyama 犬山 20.6 Meitetsu Inuyama Line
Meitetsu Hiromi Line


The line was opened in 1931, with the Kamiiida to Komaki section electrified at 600 V DC in 1942, and the section to Inuyama electrified in 1947.

CTC signalling was commissioned on the 4 km section between Komaki and Buzan (since closed) in 1954, being the first use of this system by Meitetsu, and the voltage was increased to 1,500 V DC in 1964.

The line was double-tracked in staged between 1977 and 2003.

Former connecting lines[edit]

  • Ajima Station: A 2 km line to Shin-Katsukawa operated between 1931 and 1937.
  • Buzan Station (since closed): A line to service the Komaki airfield opened in 1944. Closing date is not known. Prior to the construction of the Chūbu Centrair International Airport (serviced by the Meitetsu Airport Line), it had been proposed to upgrade the Komaki airfield to become the Nagoya International Airport, with a connecting line from Ajiyoshi station.
  • Komaki Station: A 6 km line electrified at 600 V DC to Iwakura on the Inuyama line opened in 1920. The voltage on the line was increased to 1,500 V DC in 1955, and the line closed in 1964. In 1945 construction began on a 13 km loop line to Ajima (utilising the closed Shin-Katsukawa line mentioned above) to service an army arsenal and cadet school. The roadbed was about 50% complete when work was abandoned due to the end of the war.

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