Meitetsu Tsushima Line

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Meitetsu Tsushima Line
Meitetsu 3500 series (II) EMU 017.JPG
A Meitetsu 3500 series EMU
Native name 名鉄津島線
Type Commuter rail
Locale Kiyosu
Termini Sukaguchi
Stations 8
Daily ridership 17,352[1] (2008)
Website Official page at Meitetsu (Japanese)
Opened 1914
Owner Meitetsu
Line length 11.8 km (7.33 mi)
Track gauge 1,067 mm (3 ft 6 in)
Electrification Overhead catenary 1,500 V DC
Operating speed 105 km/h (65 mph)

The Meitetsu Tsushima Line (名鉄津島線 Meitetsu Tsushima-sen?) is an 11.8 km (7.33 mi) Japanese railway line which connects Sukaguchi Station in Kiyosu, Aichi with Tsushima Station in Tsushima, Aichi. It is owned and operated by the private railway operator Nagoya Railroad (Meitetsu).


Local trains stop at all stations.

Name Japanese Distance (km) Semi Express Express Limited Express Transfers Location
Sukaguchi 須ヶ口 0.0 Meitetsu Nagoya Main Line Kiyosu Aichi
Jimokuji 甚目寺 2.0   Ama
Shippō 七宝 3.7  

Kida 木田 5.4  

Aotsuka 青塚 7.3   Tsushima
Shobata 勝幡 9.0   Aisai
Fujinami 藤浪 10.2  
Tsushima 津島 11.8 Meitetsu Bisai Line Tsushima


The line opened as dual track, electrified at 600 V DC, in 1914. The voltage was increased to 1,500 V DC in 1948.[citation needed]


This article incorporates material from the corresponding article in the Japanese Wikipedia.

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