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Meitu XiuXiu (MeituPic)
MeituPic Logo[1]
InventorWu Xinhong
InceptionMarch 2013 in Xiamen
ManufacturerMeitu Technology Co., Ltd.
AvailableAppStore GooglePlay

Meitu XiuXiu (Meitu Pic) is an image editing software that is mostly used in Mainland China, but it is also popular in Hong Kong and Taiwan. It is available on Google Play and Appstore. It provides tools for editing photos: Filters, retouching, Collage, scenes, frames, and photos decorations etc. Meitu XiuXiu is one of the apps developed by Xiamen Meitu Technology Co., Ltd, it also produced Meipai, BeautyCam and PosterLabs etc.


Meitu XiuXiu was created in March 2013 by Wu Xinhong, the CEO of Meitu. It was one of the apps from China. Meitu is a photo-centered app developer, which is founded in 2008 in Xiamen. Currently, the major revenue source of Meitu is advertising and it is making a small amount of profits, disclosed by the CEO. The company was backed by Cai Wensheng, a well-known angel investor. The app has 52 million active daily users and 270 million monthly active users.[2]



MeituPic provides a number of photo-editing tools. The major functions are Auto enhance, Edit, Enhance, Filters, Frames, Magic Brush, Mosaic, Text and Blur.[3]

Auto enhance focuses on the nature of photos taken, while Edit includes functions of cropping, rotation, sharpening and adjustment of ratio. For Enhance, users can apply slight adjustment on the photo by controlling the levels of brightness, contrast, colour temperature, saturation, highlight, shadow and smart light. Major types of filters are LOMO, Beauty, Style as well as Art. Different frames can be chosen from Poster, Simple and Fantasy. Magic Brush provides a great variety of brushes with different colours and patterns for users to decorate the photos. Mosaic brush enables users to cover certain parts of the photo. Texts can be added to the photo. Choices of different bubbles, font as well as style of words are available. Blurring effect is also available to make the photo less distinct and clear.

Beauty Retouch[edit]

There are seven major functions for retouching the photo by using meitupic: they are Auto retouch, smooth and whiten skin, remove, blemish, slimming, remove dark circles and bags under eyes, taller and enhance eyes.[4]

Auto retouch enhances the quality of portraits by auto skin enhancement, eyes brightening and face-lift by tabbing on one button by using this app. Smooth and whiten skin helps to remove wrinkles and optimize the skin tones on photos. Portraits with customed skin can therefore be resulted on the photos. Acne, blemish or other skin imperfections can be removed by Remove blemishes function.

Furthermore, the face-lift and weight-loss in the slimming function can be used to shape the portraits in photos. The taller button can be used to lengthen the length of the photo and give a pair of slimmer and longer legs on portraits. Enhance eyes function can enlarge and brighten the eyes on portraits on photos.


Collage[5] has four types: template, freestyle, poster, PicStrip, which all maximize to insert nine photos.

Template integrates photos in a vertical rectangle tightly. MeituPic has 15 frames or free download function for users. MeituPic also provides different templates according to number of photos inserted.

Freestyle separates photos on a background freely. There are two parts of background: custom and more. For custom, users choose from album. For more, there are plain and picture with 18 choices.

Poster makes a poster with photos. Users choose a poster among 8 choices or tap ‘more’ to download a new one.

PicStrip combines photos vertically making an elongated file. Users choose a frame from 15 choices.

Pinching thumb and forefinger together or apart zooms photos in/out. Putting two fingers and turning hand rotates photos. Pressing moves photos to ideal location. After designing, users tap ‘save/share’ on the upper right corner and the photo made is saved into album automatically.


Year Award[6]
2011 Most Popular Award from DuoTe
2011 Excellent Software Award, Users’ Choices, Editors’ Choices from HuaJun
2012 Selection of Top Ten Software from Appstore
2012 Sixth of China Good Products from Business


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