Meki River

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The Meki is a river in central Ethiopia. It empties into Lake Zway at the latitude and longitude 8°4′8″N 38°52′53″E / 8.06889°N 38.88139°E / 8.06889; 38.88139Coordinates: 8°4′8″N 38°52′53″E / 8.06889°N 38.88139°E / 8.06889; 38.88139.

O.G.S. Crawford identifies the Meki with a river on a map which was drawn in 1662 (there named "Machy") to illustrate Manuel de Almeida's history of Ethiopia. Crawford explains that the cartographer learned of this stream from the Jesuit missionaries residing in Ethiopia at the time of Emperor Susenyos.[1]

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