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Mel can be the abbreviated version of the given names Melvyn, Melvin, Melanie, Melina, Melinda, Melissa, Melody, Melitta, Melchior or Melville. It is also a standalone name from the Gaelic Maol, meaning bald; this was used to refer to tonsured men to mean servant, as in "Maol-Iosa" - Servant of Jesus.


People with this name include:

  • Mel B (born 1975), English singer, former member of the Spice Girls
  • Mel Blanc (1908–89), American voice actor
  • Mel Brooks (born 1928), American comedy filmmaker, writer and actor
  • Mel C (born 1974), English singer, former member of the Spice Girls
  • Mel Gibson (born 1956), American-born Australian/Irish film actor and director
  • Mel Giedroyc (born 1968), British TV presenter and comedian.
  • Mel Harris (born 1956), American actress
  • Mel Kaye, archetypical "real programmer" in programming folklore
  • Mel Lastman (born 1933), Canadian businessman and politician
  • Mel Lisboa (born 1982), Brazilian actress
  • Mel Martin (born 1947), British actress
  • Mel McDaniel (born 1942), American country music artist
  • Mel Ott (1909–58), American baseball player
  • Mel Peachey (born 1980), British television host
  • Mel Rosen (born 1928), American track coach
  • Mel Smith (1952-2013), British actor, writer and director
  • Mel Stuessy (1901–80), American football player
  • Mel Tiangco (born 1955), Filipino journalist, host, news caster
  • Mel Tillis (born 1932), American country singer
  • Mel Tormé (1925–99), American jazz singer, composer, arranger, and drummer
  • Mel Whinnen (born 1942), former Australian rules footballer
  • Mel White (born 1940), American clergyman and author
  • Saint Mel (died 488), early Irish missionary and founder of the diocese of Ardagh

Fictional characters[edit]