Adida Melam

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Adida Melam
Directed by Anbu Stalin
Starring Abhay Krishna
Music by Abhishek Lawrence
Dado Creations
Release date
25 March 2016
Country India
Language Tamil

Adida Melam is an Indian Tamil Romantic comedy film directed by Anbu Stalin featuring newcomer Abhay Krishna and Abhinaya in the lead roles.[1] Despite being launched in 2012, the film went through production troubles and subsequently had a name change from Mela Thaalam to Adida Melam in 2016, before its release.[2][3][4]



Silambarasan Rajendar has rendered one of the tracks for music director, Abhishek Lawrence.[5] The first song in the movie starting mela thalam was sung by Silambarasan( Simbu).


The film opened to mixed reviews, with a critic noting "the tone of Adida Melam is wildly inconsistent, swinging from melodrama to comedy, at times even in the same scene".[6]


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