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In Greek mythology, Melaena or Melena /mɪˈlnə/ (Ancient Greek: Μέλαινα, romanizedMélaina, feminine Ancient Greek: μέλᾱς, romanizedmélās "black, dark")[1] or Melane /ˈmɛlən/ (Koinē Greek: Μελανή, romanized: Melanḗ) was a Corycian nymph, or member of the prophetic Thriae, of the springs of Delphi in Phocis, who was loved by Apollo and bore him Delphos. Her father was one of the local river gods, either Kephisos or Pleistos of northern Boeotia.[2][3] Melaina was also identified with Thyia who is named as the mother of Delphos in other traditions. In some legends, she is called the daughter of Persephone by Hades.


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