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Melamuri (Malayalam: േമലാമൂറി) is a commercial centre on the outskirts of Palakkad, Kerala, India. It is an important vegetable market and acts as a gateway to the Big Bazaar for traders and buyers from rural areas of Kongad[disambiguation needed], Mundur, and Parali.


Melamuri has been an important junction for a few centuries. It lies on an important location on the road leading from Ponnani to Coimbatore. This place's original name was Melemuri Amsom, as mentioned in old property documents.[citation needed]

Important landmarks[edit]

Important landmarks in the area include the Shree Periya Maariamman temple, vegetable market, Karuna Hospital, Melamuri Telephone exchange and Mercy College. Melamuri is a major stop for buses plying on the Palakkad to Shornur road.

Recent developments[edit]

The Ponnani State Highway has been widened. The opening of a by-pass road at Mepparamba to Mercy college a few years ago has eased traffic congestion. Minibus services have been established from Melamuri to Olavakkode. Palakkad Municipality has allocated Rs. 10 lakh for constructing a bus bay in Melamuri.[1]


  1. ^ It has allotted Rs.10 lakh for the construction of bus bay at Melamuri and Olavakkode junctions.

Coordinates: 10°46′34″N 76°38′24″E / 10.776°N 76.640°E / 10.776; 76.640