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In Greek mythology, Melaneus[pronunciation?] was a son of Apollo. He was the founder of Oechalia (Oikhalia), variously located in Thessaly, Messenia or Euboea.

Melaneus inherited Apollo's archery skills and was a noted archer, and married Stratonice. He was the father of Eurytus, the famous archer whose reputation overshadowed his father, and of Ambracia, eponym of Ambracia in Epirus.[1] Stratonice was later carried away by Apollo. Alternatively, Melaneus was the husband of Oechalia (merely the eponym of the kingdom he was assigned to by Perieres).[2]

Amphimedon, a suitor in Homer's Odyssey is mentioned as being the son of Melaneus, although it may or may not be the same Melaneus mentioned here.[3] In Antoninus Liberalis' Metamorphoses,[4] Autonous is also called son of Melaneus. A centaur named Melaneus is mentioned by Ovid among many others who fought in the battle between the Lapiths and the centaurs.[5]


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