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Melanie Bracewell

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Melanie Bracewell
Born (1995-07-19) July 19, 1995 (age 27)
Beach Haven, Auckland, New Zealand
EmployerMediaWorks New Zealand
Comedy career
  • Stand-up
  • Television
  • Radio
  • Impressions
Years active2014–present

Melanie Bracewell (born July 19, 1995)[citation needed] is a New Zealand comedian, actress[1] and scriptwriter.[2][3] In 2018, Bracewell won New Zealand's Billy T Award.[4]

Life and career[edit]

Bracewell grew up in Beach Haven in Auckland's North Shore, and is a niece of Test cricketers John Bracewell and Brendon Bracewell.[5] Bracewell attended Birkenhead College,[6] serving as Deputy Head Girl,[7] then studied Communication and Media Studies at the University of Auckland.[8][self-published source?] Bracewell became interested in comedy as a child and, as a teenager, wrote a comedic blog, later moving into stand-up comedy.[4][9] Bracewell also worked as producer of the breakfast show on Radio Hauraki and appeared as a contestant on the Australian TV quiz show Have You Been Paying Attention?.[9][10] She co-hosts the Australian comedy television show The Cheap Seats alongside Tim McDonald.

In 2019, Bracewell began writing for the TV show The Project in New Zealand.[9] She has also written for the series Wellington Paranormal.[11]

In 2020, Bracewell received international coverage when videos and photos of her impersonating Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern went viral. Ardern responded with: "You do my makeup better than I do."[12] Bracewell and Ardern later met and posted a TikTok video while Bracewell was dressed as Ardern.[13][14]


In 2014, Bracewell won 7 Days Comedy Apprentice; the following year she won the Raw Comedy Quest and in 2016 won Best Auckland Newcomer at the New Zealand International Comedy Festival.[3]

In 2018, Bracewell received the Billy T Award for the country's best emerging comedian.[15] The same year she won Breakthrough Comedian of the Year at the NZ Comedy Guild Awards.[16] In 2019, she was short-listed for the Kevin Smith Memorial Cup for Outstanding Artist Achievement, Best Female Comedian and Bizarre Moment of the Year at the New Zealand Comedy Guild Awards.[2]


In 2020, Bracewell starred as Karen in The Eggplant,[17][18] a New Zealand teen drama crime-comedy series released to TVNZ OnDemand and YouTube.[19][20]


In 2019, Bracewell shared a screenshot on her Twitter account of a sexually explicit message which she said had come unprompted from someone in the Reddit cricketing community. A Reddit user later found a post from Bracewell in a subreddit soliciting sexual messages. A moderator from the Reddit cricketing community then contacted Bracewell asking her for details of who sent her the private message. She subsequently apologised and admitted her post was a joke. After her apology she received criticism on social media, with some accusing her of lying about sexual harassment and stereotyping Indians.[21][22]


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