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Melanie Reinhart is an astrologer and author based in the United Kingdom. She has taught for several well-known astrological schools in the UK and abroad, including the Faculty of Astrological Studies, the Centre for Psychological Astrology, the London School of Astrology, and Astro*Synthesis. In 2004 she received the Charles Harvey Award for 'exceptional service in astrology',[1] and in 2009 she became one of the Patrons of the Faculty of Astrological Studies. Reinhart is known for her empirical and intuitive research on new astronomical objects such as the Centaurs and the TNOs.


Her books are published in many languages, and English titles include:

Her articles have been published in many journals, including Caduceus Magazine, Link-Up (no longer published), The Mountain Astrologer, Infinity Magazine and the Journal of the Astrological Association of Great Britain; she contributed to the anthology:

  • The Mars Quartet: Four Seminars on the Astrology of the Red Planet, CPA Press (2001), ISBN 1-900869-18-7


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