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Route 30
St Vincent's Plaza - Central Pier
A1 245 in Victoria Pde on route 30, 2013.JPG
A class tram on Victoria Parade on route 30 in April 2013
System Melbourne tramway network
Operator Yarra Trams
Depot Southbank
Vehicle A class
Locale Melbourne, Australia
Start St Vincent's Plaza
Via East Melbourne
Melbourne CBD (La Trobe St)
End Central Pier
Length 2.9 km (1.8 mi)
Zone(s) Free Zone: Stops D2, D1, 1-10
Myki Zone 1: Stops 11-12
Timetable Route 30 timetable
Map Route 30 map
Route map

Melbourne trams route 30 map.png

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Melbourne tram route 30 is operated by Yarra Trams on the Melbourne tram network. It operates from St Vincents Plaza to Docklands Central Pier. The 2.9 kilometre route is operated by A class trams from Southbank depot.[1][2]


The Melbourne & Metropolitan Tramways Board had proposed an electric tram line from Brunswick Street to Spencer Street along Victoria Parade and La Trobe Street as early as 1923,[3] but it took until 15 January 1951 for this to be realised, when a line from Brunswick Street to Lonsdale Street along Victoria Parade, La Trobe Street and Spencer Street was opened by the Melbourne & Metropolitan Tramways Board.[4]

On 4 January 2005, route 30 was extended to Waterfront City along Harbour Esplanade and Docklands Drive, with the opening of the $7.5 million Docklands Drive tram extension.[5] Route 30 started terminating in its current location in Harbour Esplanade at Central Pier in July 2008, with route 86 being extended to Waterfront City.[6]


Route 30 runs from St Vincent's Plaza, East Melbourne west on Victoria Parade passing St Vincent's Hospital, Eye and Ear Hospital and the Royal Exhibition Building in the Carlton Gardens, a World Heritage Site. It turns into La Trobe Street and continues west passing Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, State Library of Victoria, Melbourne Central railway station, Flagstaff Gardens and Flagstaff railway station, crossing into Docklands, passing Docklands Stadium and turning south into Harbour Esplanade where it terminates at Central Pier.


Route 30 is run from Southbank depot and is predominantly run by A class trams.[2] It was operated by W class trams until 23 December 2014.

Route map[edit]

     Route 30
Free Tram Zone covers stops 10 to D2. Fare zone 1 applies at stop 12.
St Vincent's Plaza Stop
Routes 12 & 109 via Victoria Parade Up arrow
Routes 11 via Brunswick Street Left arrow
Tram interchange 11, 12, 109; Bus interchange Victoria Parade buses
St Vincent's Plaza Brunswick Street 12
Tram interchange 35, 86, 96; Bus interchange Victoria Parade buses
Nicholson Street 10
Towards Parliament Right arrow
(Victoria Street/Parade Up arrow)
Bus interchange 402
La Trobe/Victoria Streets 9
(La Trobe Street Down arrow)
Bus interchange 250, 251
Exhibition Street 8
Bus interchange 200, 207
Russell Street 7
Tram interchange 1, 3/3a, 5, 6, 8, 16, 64, 67, 72
Melbourne Central station Swanston Street 6
Tram interchange 19, 57, 59
Melbourne Central station Elizabeth Street 5
Bus interchange 220, 232, 234, 235, 236, 237
Queen Street 4
Tram interchange 55
Flagstaff station William Street 3
King Street 2
Tram interchange 86; Bus interchange 216, 219
Spencer Street^ 1(W)/119(E)
Towards North Melbourne Left arrow
Right arrow Towards Southern Cross
Docklands Stadium D1
(La Trobe Street Up arrow)
(Down arrow Harbour Esplanade Right arrow)
Tram interchange 35, 70, 75, 86
Central Pier La Trobe Street D2
Routes 35, 70 & 86 via Docklands Drive Right arrow
Central Pier Stop
#(W) – westbound stop number; #(E) – eastbound stop number.
^Depot services terminate at Spencer Street.
All stops shown. Route map is not to scale.


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