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Route 72
Melbourne University – Camberwell
A D1 class tram on route 72 in Swanston Street
A D1 class tram on route 72 in Swanston Street
System Melbourne tramway network
Operator Yarra Trams
Depot Malvern[1]
Vehicle Z class, D1 class
Locale Melbourne, Australia
Start Melbourne University
Via Carlton
Melbourne CBD (Swanston St)
South Yarra
Glen Iris
Hawthorn East
End Camberwell
Length 16.8 km (10.4 mi)[1]
Zone(s) Zone 1 for the entire route
Annual patronage 6.2 million[2]
Timetable Route 72 timetable
Map Route 72 map
← Route 70 Route 75 →

Tram route 72 is a public transport service in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. It runs from Melbourne University to Camberwell in the eastern suburbs. It runs through the suburbs of Melbourne, South Yarra, Toorak, Malvern, Glen Iris, and Camberwell. Like most tram routes in Melbourne, it is entirely within myki ticketing Zone 1.

Route 72 was originally known as route 7. When its base of operations was moved from Malvern depot to Camberwell depot for a short period, it became route 72 in keeping with that depot's numbering scheme (routes 70 and 75 being the other routes based at Camberwell depot). The route was subsequently returned to Malvern depot, yet kept its new number as the route 7 designation had been given to a shortened version of route 6 (also based at Malvern depot).

In response to the State Government's 2001 Melbourne 2030 planning policy, the Public Transport Users Association lobbied to extend route 72 north to Doncaster Road, and onto Ivanhoe station, and south to Caulfield.[3]


There are 70 stops on route 72, each of which the tram reaches slower than most other trams - particularly tram 96, which is not only very speedy but also very scenic.

Starts at Melbourne University (stop 1), Swanston and Faraday Streets; then runs via:

Ends at Camberwell terminus (stop 70), Burke and Cotham/Whitehorse Roads.

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