Meleager (king)

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King of Macedon
Reign279 BC
PredecessorPtolemy Keraunos
SuccessorAntipater II Etesias
Born3rd c. BC
Died3rd c. BC
HousePtolemaic dynasty
FatherPtolemy I Soter
MotherEurydice of Antipatrids

Meleager of Macedon (Greek: Μελέαγρος) was the brother of Ptolemy Keraunos and son of Ptolemy I Soter and Eurydice. Meleager ruled as King of Macedon during 279 BC for two months until he was compelled by his Macedonian troops to resign his crown.[1]


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Preceded by
Ptolemy II Ceraunus
King of Macedon
279 BC
Succeeded by
Antipater II Etesias