Melges 17

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Melges 17
Class symbol
Crew 2
Draft 3 ft 11.5 in (1.207 m)
Type Monohull (Scow)
Hull weight 300 lb (140 kg)
LOA 16 ft 7.75 in (5.0737 m)
Beam 5 ft 6 in (1.68 m)
Mainsail area 154 sq ft (14.3 m2)
Jib / Genoa area 66 sq ft (6.1 m2)
Spinnaker area 280 sq ft (26 m2)

The Melges17 is a Bermuda rigged racing scow first launched in January 2004 by Melges Performance Sailboats. The boat's rig consists of a main with a large roach, a roller furling jib and an asymmetrical spinnaker used in conjunction with the retractable bowsprit.[1]


The Melges17 is similar in design to the M-16 and it is thought that it is in fact, a modern M-16. The project began in 2002, when Melges became the Vanguard dealer for Wisconsin. At this time, Vanguard was pushing their new boat, the Vanguard Vector, a dual trapeze skiff. Melges had a Vector at their location on the shores of Lake Geneva, to try to promote the boat. Within a few months, an M-16 appeared next to the Vector with Vector rigging. The M-16 was complete with a carbon fiber mast and asymmetrical spinnaker. Two years later, the Melges17 came to market.

Melges approached Reichel/Pugh to redesign the hull and the foils. Although the Hull shape and size is much like the M-16, the boat itself is a different creature.

Reichel/Pugh also designed other modern Melges boats, such as the Melges 24, the Melges 30, and the Melges 32.


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