Melhem Zein

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Melhem Zein
Born (1982-10-22)October 22, 1982
Nationality Lebanese
Occupation Singer

Melhem Zein Bahsoun ali amine also transliterated Melhem Zain (Arabic: ملحم زين‎‎‎) (born in Shmistar, Lebanon on October 22, 1982) is a Lebanese pan-Arab singer. He is married to Tamami Ali Salem Al Beed. He has a 6-year-old son, Ali Kassem Zein.

When he was 16, Melhem Hussein Zein first participated in an Amateur Singing Program called Kaas Al Nojoum (The Cup of the Stars) on the Lebanese LBC Channel for singing Mohammed Abd El Wahhab's "Ya Jarat Al Wadi" (The Neighbor of the Valley).[1]

He came in third in Super Star 1, the Pan-Arab version of Pop Idol.



Melhem is married to the daughter of the Yemeni president.[citation needed]


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