Melhores do Ano

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Melhores do Ano
Melhores do ano.jpg
Current logo.
Awarded forExcellence in dramaturgy and music.
LocationEstúdios Globo, Rio de Janeiro
Hosted byFausto Silva
Reward(s)Mário Lago Trophy
First awarded1995
Last awarded2018 (currently)
Most awardsDramaturgy:
A Força do Querer (8)
Ivete Sangalo (11)
Most nominationsDramaturgy:
A Força do Querer (18)
Ivete Sangalo (19)
Television/radio coverage
NetworkRede Globo

Melhores do Ano Troféu Domingão, or just Melhores do Ano (Best of the Year), is an annual awards ceremony hosted on the Brazilian television program Domingão do Faustão, on Rede Globo. Viewers vote on three artists who have been brilliant and successful during the year on the network, in music and in sports. Nominees are previously chosen by the network's executives and the top three go to the public vote. The prize is equivalent to a Golden Globe Award in Brazil.[1]


Originally, the awards were always broadcast on the last Sunday of the year, until 2007. From 2008 to 2014, it was held in late March, when the awards were brought back to December.[2][3][4][5]