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Melina Matsoukas (born January 14, 1981) is an American director of music videos and commercials. She is a Grammy Award winner for her "We Found Love" video.

Life and career[edit]

Matsoukas is of Greek, Jewish, Jamaican and Cuban descent.[1] Both her name and surname are Greek: Μελίνα Ματσούκα. She earned her degree at New York University's Tisch School of the Arts and completed her graduate work at the American Film Institute (MFA in cinematography) . Her graduate thesis was on music videos.[2]

Matsoukas started out at Black Dog Film, then the now-defunct Gorilla Flix film production company, and is currently a director at Prettybird, which she has been signed to since 2011.

Her work is described as, "chalk full [sic] of bright colors or crisp black and white images, smooth spotlights, and tasteful retro video models."[3] Matsoukas says that expensive equipment is not necessary for a quality video and one should never think that way: "A good video has the right visuals, a well conceptualised story and should be exciting and elicit reaction."[4] In an interview for Venus Zine's Fall 2010 issue, she says about being part of the music video world, "I love it. The quick turnaround, the creativity."[5] Regarding the concept of Solange Knowles' video "I Decided", Matsoukas stated: "This is her concept so I've definitely just developed it and put my mark on it."[6]


Music videos[edit]



  • "All Originals Represent" - Adidas


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