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Born Melissa Bertsch
(1978-08-24) August 24, 1978 (age 36)[1]
Other names Melissa Ashley, Melissa, Ashley, Anne Howe, BJ Lixx, Katy, Chastity, Lisa, Mel, Tiny Lisa
Height 5 ft 6 in (1.68 m)[1]
Weight 102 lb (46 kg)[1]
No. of adult films 67 (per IAFD)

Melissa-Ashley (born August 24, 1978[1] as Melissa Bertsch[2]) is a U.S. pornographic film actress and model. She has appeared on a number of websites and filmed over 70 adult videos.

Despite stating on camera an age of 18 in some videos,[3] Ashley first appeared in adult movies in 1998-1999 when she was aged 20.[4] She has been mistaken for a minor and in several cases where her images were mistaken for child pornography has either successfully testified for the defense or given evidence leading to those charges being dropped.[2][5] She is bisexual.[1]


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