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Melissa Thomson (born 13 January 1984) is an Australian basketball player in NSW, Australia. She is a forward with Sydney Comets of the Waratah Australian Basketball League (WABL). She was named Best Defensive Player during the 2006 Sydney Comets Presentation Night Awards, for her valuable contribution to her team. During 2007, the Comets played a difficult championship and although they finished in fourth place, Melissa's experience supported the team's younger players.
She was named Most Inspirational Player during the Sydney Comets Presentation Night Awards 2007.
The 2008 season was easier for her team, leading to a victory over Bankstown Bruins and awarding Sydney Comets their first women's title.


As a side project, Melissa also coaches two primary school basketball teams, both of them being champions in their respective categories (boys and girls).


1996 - 2001 Played for Bankstown Bruins
1998 - NSW Metropolitan Representative
1999 - NSW Metropolitan Representative and team captain
2001 - NSW Metropolitan Representative
2002–present Sydney Comets
2003 - NSW Representative (Silver Medallist)
2003 - Eastern University Silver Medallist
2003 - Australian University Silver Medallist
2004 - Eastern University Champion
2005 - Eastern University Champion
2005 - Australian University Champion
2006 - ABA National Final qualifier
2008 - Waratah ABL Champion with Sydney Comets

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