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Urban-type settlement
Flag of Melnytsia-Podilska
Coat of arms of Melnytsia-Podilska
Coat of arms
Melnytsia-Podilska is located in Ukraine
Location of Melnytsia-Podilska in Ukraine
Coordinates: 48°36′22″N 26°10′55″E / 48.60611°N 26.18194°E / 48.60611; 26.18194Coordinates: 48°36′22″N 26°10′55″E / 48.60611°N 26.18194°E / 48.60611; 26.18194
Country  Ukraine
Province Ternopil Oblast
District Borshchiv Raion
Magdeburg rights 1747[1]
Town status 1960
 • Total 10 km2 (4 sq mi)
Elevation[2] 260 m (850 ft)
Population (2001)
 • Total 3,866
 • Density 390/km2 (1,000/sq mi)
Time zone EET (UTC+2)
 • Summer (DST) EEST (UTC+3)
Postal code 48751
Area code +380 3541

Melnytsia-Podilska (Ukrainian: Мельниця-Подільська) (until 1940, Melnytsia-nad-Dnistrom, Ukrainian: Мельниця-над-Днiстром)[3] is an urban-type settlement in the Borshchiv Raion (district) of Ternopil Oblast (province) in western Ukraine. Its population is 3,866 as of the 2001 Ukrainian Census.[3]

The settlement is located in the southernmost part of the province, on the left bank of the Dnister River. To the north is the Khudykovtsi village, and 1.5 kilometres (0.93 mi) to the south is the settlement of Vilkhovets. On the opposite bank of the Dnister lies the village of Perebykivtsi in Khotyn Raion. The Ukrainian automobile road T-2002 runs through the town.

The town of Melnytsia was first mentioned in the 11th century, which was soon destroyed during the Mongol invasion of Rus'. From 1362, the settlement was in the possession of the Koriatovych family.[1] From the end of the 16th century, Lanckoroński magnates ruled the territory.[1] Ever since the 17th century, the settlement was known as Melnytsia-nad-Dnistrom (or Melnytsia-upon-the-Dnister).[1] In 1747, the town was granted Magdeburg rights. Later in that century, the territory changed hands, to be controlled by the Dunin-Borkowski grafs.

Since ancient times, windmills were spaced throughout the settlement, a prime location situated on the slopes of the Dnister River, hence the name "Melnytsia," or windmill in Ukrainian. In order to distinguish from other settlements named "Melnytsia," the ending -Podilska was added in 1940.[1] In 1960, Melnytsia-Podilska was upgraded to that of an urban-type settlement.


  • Saint Michael's Church, a modest stone church built in 1772 and restored in 1989.[1]
  • Remains of the Neo-Gothic Dunin-Borkowski Palace, built in the 19th century (now destroyed).[1]

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See also[edit]

  • Skala-Podilska, the other urban-type settlement in Borshchiv Raion of Ternopil Oblast


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