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Melocure (メロキュア, Merokyua) was a Japanese pop duo consisting of Megumi Hinata (日向めぐみ, Hinata Megumi) and Ritsuko Okazaki (岡崎 律子, Okazaki Ritsuko). They were signed to Columbia Music Entertainment. The duo's name is based on a pun on the term melodic hardcore.


Melocure formed in April 2002 and debuted with the song Itoshii Kakera (My Better Half), which was used as the anime series UFO Ultramaiden Valkyrie's opening theme song. More of Melocure's work was used as insert songs and themes for subsequent seasons of the show, as well as in the soundtracks of Stratos 4 and Okusama ha Mahō Shōjo. Melocure also had a weekly internet radio talk show. They released their album Melodic Hard Cure in March 2004. Less than two months later, Okazaki died suddenly at the age of 44 from septic shock as a result of septicemia. Melocure's final song, Home & Away, was finished by Hinata after Okazaki's death and released more than a year later.

Although Okazaki has died, Hinata has said on her radio show that she will continue Melocure for the rest of her life, singing Melocure songs at her live shows in Okazaki's memory.[1]


Melocure released a total of four singles and one album.



  • 2004.03.17 Melodic Hard Cure (メロディック・ハード・キュア)
  1. Pop Step Jump!
  2. 1st Priority
  3. Meguriai (めぐり逢い)
  4. "Niji wo Mita" (「虹を見た」)
  5. Kogarashi no Hodō wo Hana no Saku Haru wo (木枯らしの舗道を 花の咲く春を)
  6. Himawari (向日葵)
  7. Agapé
  8. birthday girl
  9. Itoshii Kakera (愛しいかけら)
  10. Sunday Sundae
  11. Futari no Sekai (ふたりのせかい)
  12. ALL IN ALL
  13. rainbow kind of feeling
  14. So far,so near
  15. Shiawase (しあわせ)
  16. Agapé (Mizu no Wakusei ver.) (Agapé (水の惑星Ver.)) - bonus track


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