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Handbells set in performance
Steel drums
Vibraphone and mallets
Asian traditional instrument

A melodic percussion instrument is a percussion instrument used to produce several different notes of different pitches.[1] Melodic percussion instruments are examples of pitched percussion and include mallet percussion and keyboard percussion.

Melodic percussion instruments take one of three main forms:

  • Collections of individual pitched percussion instruments in different pitches, such as hand bells and the angklung.
  • Instruments that produce different pitches when struck in different places, such as the steel drum.[2]
  • Instruments that contain a collection of sounding objects tuned to different notes, such as the xylophone.

Many melodic percussion instruments have resonators, providing a second way of classifying them:

  • Some instruments such as the marimba have an individual resonator for each note.
  • Some instruments such as the hang have a resonator shared by several or all notes.
  • Some instruments such as the glockenspiel have no resonator.

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