Melodica (Neil Zaza album)

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Studio album by Neil Zaza
Released 2004
Genre Rock, Melodic Rock, Instrumental Rock
Label Melodik Records
Producer Neil Zaza
Neil Zaza chronology
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Melodica is the seventh studio album by Neil Zaza released in 2004.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "On With The Show"
  2. "This Time"
  3. "All My Life..."
  4. "As I Go Before You"
  5. "Melodica"
  6. "Breadstick"
  7. "Ship of Dreams"
  8. "Flow"
  9. "I Can See Miracles"
  10. "Across the Sands"
  11. "Rena"
  12. "Very Important Cat Things"
  13. "Everything About You"
  14. "Forgot to Make Her Mine"
  15. "Goodbye"


  • Neil Zaza - Guitar
  • Mark Leach - Hammond B-3 Organ
  • Timothy M. Bradford - Keyboards
  • Doug Johns - Bass
  • Raymond J. Liptak - Bass
  • Bill Cioce - Drums