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Solanum tuberosum 'Melody'
One organic Melody potato grown in Worcestershire in 2015.jpg
A Melody tuber
SpeciesSolanum tuberosum

Melody is a cultivar of potato.[1]


It is yellow, with a smooth skin, and dry flesh.[2] It can be boiled and mashed.[2] Melody has a high yield potential and has an overall good disease resistance. It is resistant to late blight on tubers, common scab, bruising,[3] Fusarium sulphureum (dry rot) and Globodera rostochiensis (a potato cyst nematode).[1]


The breeder, Meijer Research B.V.,[1] a Dutch company,[4] holds the rights until 2030.[1]

Characteristics [3][edit]

  • Oval shaped tubers
  • Yellow skin
  • Medium yellow flesh
  • Shallow eye depth
  • Smooth skin
  • Violet base of light sprout
  • Medium height
  • Red violet flower colour
  • Few berries


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